VR Entertainment Systems
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The Cybermind Series  SU2000, SD2000, Total Recoil and 3000 Series Location Based Entertainment Systems are designed for commercial use in Entertainment Centres, Amusement Arcades and Adventure Parks and for Events. Cybermind offers an extensive service with all her systems - from planning and concept to complete installation, from introduction to the day-to-day running. No matter which system you chose, our spectacular range of products will put you firmly on the road to success (did you know that you can purchase one of our systems for less than 7.500 Euro's!!!) .

Serie 2000SU - Duo systeem

Cybermind has the world's largest installed base of Virtual Reality equipment and it from this platform that they have continued to supply proven hardware technologies world-wide along with developing new hardware platforms or providing existing users with an easy upgrade path.

Space Joystick

Space Joystick

Visette - Head Mounted Display


Intelligent sensors inside the Visette® and the Space Joystick transmit the exact position and every movement of the player in real-time. The integrated headphones and and microphone create a unique 360║ adventure.

The Software creates fantastic new dream worlds without recreating the real world. Clay pigeon shooting or hunting for dangerous aliens are but a few examples of the constantly expanding offer of software titles. New software can easily be installed ensuring that your systems are always up-to-date.

Winchester Total Recoil VR Shooting simulator

Zero Hour™, the 3000 Series premier title on this platform has the best graphics, game play and coin-op features of any VR game to date, but don't take our word for it try it yourself.

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